When Advertising Is Art

Advertising seems to work best when it’s not really advertising at all.

The idea that a thing is at its best when it is not the thing that it is purported to be is a challenging one. The following video proves the point, I think.

A mixture of superb timing and superb artistry this amazing romp for TMobile never mentions the product it is advertising. Rather, it creates a stunning euphoric mood that is difficult to resist.

During this time of economic collapse, political uncertainty, ongoing global jihad, and rising doubts about the foundations of core economic and social structures people need something to lift them up a bit. This advert is just the ticket.

I have been in many train stations, many airports, places where people by the thousands are in transit moving from place to place. These “in between places” are loaded with almost always unspoken emotions – they are places that are loaded to the brim with kinetic energy. The creators of this advertisement know this and use this truth to great effect.

The images in the video are comfortably non sequitor, and so perfectly juxtaposed with time and place. The faces of those not “in the know” are perfect.


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Cleveland, Ohio – Rebuild a Falling Jewel, and Detroit, Too!
Posted by Daniel | Cities,Culture,Film,Music | Monday 19 November 2007 11:05 pm
Tragedy of Cleveland, Ohio Should Not Be Its Obituary – It Should be A Call for Renewal!

by Daniel Mallock, BookFolk

Recent headlines for Cleveland could hardly be worse, “Where Cleveland Went Wrong”, and School Shooting! are two of the most recent. This once proud “rust belt” city on Lake Erie is in eclipse. Long known for lake effect heavy snows and too many gray days per year Cleveland is now the horror that all American cities fear to become. With a completely diminished tax base, a failed economy, and little apparent hope for economic recovery in the near future Cleveland waits to figure out how to repeat the stunning recovery of similar cities like Pittsburgh. After the steel mills close, the inner city rots away, foreclosures suck the life out of low and middle class areas, and folks who can flee flee, where can Cleveland turn for growth and renewal?There are four fascinating aspects of Cleveland life that, if properly fostered, encourage, and leveraged, will be the foundation of its rebirth – diversity of population, superb civic culture and history, excellent health care, Lake Erie waterfront and port.

The excessive and horrible foreclosures currently sweeping the country, based upon shady and misleading mortgages sold to folks wanting a share in the American dream of home ownership – have hit Cleveland hardest. One section of Cleveland in particular now is littered with empty foreclosed homes looted by dirtbags and crooks (see link above).

This is now the time for urban renewal folks to make their plans. Giving up on Cleveland is for fools – Cleveland can now become a shining example of American ingenuity – a place where folks will want to move to and live. It’ll take time, but the effort should be made, and quickly.

Cleveland is blessed with one of the finest orchestra’s in the world, the Cleveland Orchestra. Long recognized as one of the finest symphonies in the world it is a testimony to Cleveland’s importance that so many in the area continue to support this great institution as the city that hosts it continues its long crumble into decay. There is enough money in the area, enough people loyal to the area – living outside the city limits – who continue to support the superb cultural and educational offerings of the city. In addition to the Orchestra, Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Museum of Art are available for all to enjoy. Cleveland has a proud history. Ohio was one of the largest contributors of soldiers to the Union during the Civil War. The monument to Civil War veterans in downtown Cleveland is a little known national treasure that all who appreciate American heritage and history should visit. Folks are not leaving the region en masse, only the inner city itself (with folks who can’t leave, staying). Cleveland can be saved. If Cleveland is not revitalized and rehabilitated it will become a sister city Detroit. While the proponents for Cleveland and Detroit may challenge the studies that proclaim the failure of these cities and speak of the irresponsibility and cruelty of suggesting such things – the problems remain. These problems must be resolved, and quickly. Hopefully, for both Cleveland and Detroit the hour is not too late to make a change. And don’t forget, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, too! Cleveland rocks, remember?

The failure of American steel and the closure of most of Cleveland’s factories, steel mills, and economic infrastructure shattered the economy of the city in the 70s and 80s – but… businesses remain and are growing – albeit in completely different sectors. Now, healthcare and technology are the economic hopes for Cleveland’s future growth and prosperity. Cleveland Clinic is a nationally ranked hospital system serving folks from all across the planet. Imagine – Cleveland as a destination city just for health care! Well, that’s the truth.

The true natural resource of Cleveland and the foundation of its recovery is the waterfront. Some folks in Cleveland are actively working to build up the waterfront, attract investment and bring folks back to Cleveland. The Port Authority is leading the way. Why can’t Cleveland have a bustling port and waterfront anchored with the Rock Hall and the Science Museum just like Boston’s or Baltimore’s or San Francisco’s. Build a destination for folks – a beautiful place with great hotels and parks and condos and apartments and restaurants and homes – and folks will come!

So, how does a city recover after being the hardest hit in the nation by foreclosures with school shootings and serious inner city decay? All the great urban planners, investment gurus, historians, restaurateurs, and government officials – city, regional, and federal – should build a commission now to reclaim Cleveland.

It is a national sin to let our cities fall and die while our pathetic neanderthal pseudo allies grow rich on our consumption of their oil. Our cities should be a shining light, a beacon, to everyone in the world – a testament to our ingenuity, our skills at planning, organization, and creativity. Shame on the government of Cleveland and the federal government for allowing Cleveland to rust and die a slow wretched death.

Bring Cleveland back to life and bring Detroit back to life, too. America is built on hard work and business and caring for our fellow citizens. Let Cleveland be a beacon to those creative folks who want to show their stuff, their organizational and leadership skills, and their patriotism. Rebuild Cleveland. Do it now.
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Concentration Camp Rock Concert – A Very Bad Idea
Posted by Daniel | Music | Friday 2 November 2007 6:40 pm

by Daniel Mallock, BookFolk

Why is it alright for a rock band to play a concert on the site of a
Nazi concentration camp called “Sajmiste” where over 47000 people, Jews,
Gypsies, and political prisoners were murdered?

Learn about Sajmiste here: Weisenthal Center

What has happened to western culture that such a desecration of a place
where so many innocents were killed can occur? Why is there no uproar
against the government of Serbia, and the local authorities of
Belgrade? Why is there no criticism of the band and its management?

This concert is not particularly well known, yet. Jerusalem Post is
covering this story here:
Jerusalem Post

The rock band in question is a UK synth-dance band reminiscent of Ace
of Base called “Kosheen”. This is bad enough, but why do the members of
this band think that playing a gig at a concentration camp will be good
for their careers? Yes, they’ll get negative press from folks like me,
and historians, and Jews all over the world, and folks in Israel, and
any reasonable person who understands history and appreciates the
sanctity and importance of places like Sajmiste. Concentration camps should
never be considered viable venues for commercial entertainments like
rock music or anything that would diminish the hallowed nature of those

To me this is another example of the rolling desensitization of people
in the West. Some events change a place forever so that no matter what
you do there, what structure is placed there, or even what lies and
falsehoods people might say about what occurred there – the events have
left such an imprint that it can never be erased. Remember when some less
than brilliant entrepreneur wanted to build a disco on the ground of
Auschwitz? Auschwitz will forever be associated with the Concentration
camp of the same name, and Germany will forever be associated with the
crimes that German soldiers committed there and so many other places.
Can there be more a disgusting affront to the memory of those tens of
thousands who were murdered at that place? CNN covered this story at the
time here: CNN

To their credit, the authorities in Belgrade appear quite horrified and
disgusted by the concept of this concert occurring on this site of
mass murder. Sajmiste is one of the darkest places of the time of some of
the darkest deeds ever commited in human history. “‘It is awful that
such concerts are being held there, but the building was illegally sold’
by the capital’s previous authorities, said New Belgrade mayor Zeljko
Ozegovic. ‘We have been appealing the legality of the purchase for

Other than money, what could be the benefit to Kosheen to perform at a
place were thousands were murdered? There is no discussion of Sajmiste
on the band’s eponymous web site, but there ought to be. Kosheen should
cancel this performance and tell their fans why. They should tell their
fans and people around the world who have never heard of them – but
suddenly will – that they are taking a moral and ethical stand; that they
refuse to desecrate a holy place by performing a dance music concert
on sacred ground where tens of thousands of innocents were murdered by the
Nazis and their stooges. They should tell the world that they distance
themselves from evil, hate, and have compassion for those less fortunate who
came before them murdered in the gas vans of Sajmiste. If they do these
things Kosheen will become famous across the world for taking a moral
position in a crass and shallow industry (pop music) and demonstrate to their fans
that music means more to them than a paycheck.

These places of death and murder and the utter corruption of society
and culture should be memorials to the victims who died there. These
places are hallowed places and ought not to be cheapened and demeaned by
being violated with loud synth pop concerts. These are special appalling
places that are shrines regardless if Kosheen knows it or not. Go there and
place a wreath of flowers at the entrance and say that you will not enter but
in mourning and appreciation to the victims of fascism and cruelty. If
the members of Kosheen do this, they will make news around the globe
and be true trend setters of culture and civility.

Kosheen writes in their website “Biography” that “Once in a while, a
band comes along that doesn’t just ignore the rule book, but rewrites it.
Since forming in the late 90′s, Kosheen have proved that success
doesn’t have to come on someone else’s terms.” Subtle? No. But is there any
truth in this glowing self-assessment?

Let’s see if they will ignore the “rule book” of their industry and
prove that they aren’t just another band built upon the terms of others.

Playing a gig at a concentration camp has nothing to do with music, it
has everything to do with money and money alone. Music ought to be about
more than just money. Music is supposed to stand for something, mean
something – something positive and life affirming. Sajmiste is hallowed
ground. What can be life affirming in disrespecting a place of mass
murder and evil? Nothing.